Spare Parts: Bryant Teachable Controls Boards

We have In-Stock hundreds of Bryant Teachable control boards, below is a partial list of the Bryant part numbers currently in our inventory.

Please call 603-542-3361 if the board you are looking for is not listed.

Support of Teachable I, Teachable II and Teachable III Control Systems

  • Computer Boards
    • 2K9195
    • 2K9185 RS232
    • 2K9182
  • Memory Boards
    • 2K9198
  • Input/Output Boards
    • 2K9150
    • 2K9164
    • 2K9124
    • 2K9129
  • Axis Control Boards
    • 2K9158-Tabulated
    • 2K9184- Tabulated Encoder Feedback
    • 2K9134-Tabulated Inductosyn Feedback
    • 2K9123 Laser Feedback
  • Miscellaneous
    • 2K9191 CRT controller
    • 2K9189 Receiver