Bryant Remanufactured Lectraline 4 Grinder LL4

The Model LL4 is the largest machine in the Bryant Lectraline series of precision, CNC grinders.

With a maximum stroke of 84" (2134mm), and the capability of swinging parts up to 88" (2235mm) OD, the LL4 has the largest capacity available anywhere for this type of grinder.

This multifunctional machine grinds practically any type of workpart configuration, including straight and tapered bores, OD's faces, backfaces, and complex forms.

Many surfaces can be simultaneously, sequentially, or vector ground in a single chucking, thereby saving time and insuring concentricity and squareness.

CNC North can source and remanufacture an LL4 for your specific part or rebuild your LL4 to original specifications with state-of-the-art components.


  • Simple Operation and Simplified Operator Training
  • Design Uses Standardized Tooling and Components
  • Multi-Directional and Vector Grinding
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Fine Resolution
  • Fast Cycles
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quick Set-up and Changeover
  • Small Lot Runs or High Production
  • CNC Programmable Contour Dress and Grind Profiles
  • Hydraulic Slides
  • 'Push-Button' Size Correction


  • Automatic Quill Changing
  • Rotary Contour Grinding Capability
  • CNC Wheel-Speed Control
  • Indexing Wheelhead Turret
  • Peak Motor-Load Infeed Capability
  • Crash Protection Stock Sensor
  • In-Process Gaging
Remanufactured Bryant Grinder LL4