Bryant Remanufactured Lectrafrom 1 Grinder LF1

The Bryant LF1 CNC Grinder is a precision CNC multi-surface from grinder.

It's design incorporates years of experience and many time-proven features of our Lectraform LF2, 1M and 45M machines. It is identical in size and the perfect companion to our Lectraline LL1 internal machine especially for grinding various miniature bearing components and similar small workpieces. The workhead can be angled for grinding tapers, flange faces, etc. Most multiple surfaces are ground simultaneously for increased precision and production. The LF1, like the LL1 is "custom" constructed with standard Components™ using a modular design concept for optimum performance at the least investment cost.

The LF1 can be furnished as a single or a dual axis machine. All slides are hydrostatic and continuously supported with dynamic compensation. Their wrap around design uses no mechanical hold-down retainers. The absence of metal-to-metal contact eliminates wear, enhances vibration damping, increases reliability and decreases maintenance. Feed is by a servomotor driven superprecision ball screw.

CNC North can source and remanufacture an LF1 for your specific part or rebuild your LF1 to original specifications with state-of-the-art components.


  • Design Uses Standardized Tooling and Components
  • Single or Two Axis Skides
  • Fine Resolution Across Both Slides
  • Motorized Direct Drive Wheelhead
  • 16 Inch (406mm) Grinding Wheel
  • Full Enclosured Wheelguard
  • Variable Wheelhead
  • Mulit-Level Workholding Magnetism
  • Automatic Wheel Balancing
  • In Process Gaging
  • Stock Sensing
  • CNC Radial Wheel Dresser
  • Single Arm Loading
  • Guarding for 12,000 SFPM (60m/s)
  • Bryant Teachable ® III CNC
  • CNC Contour Dress and Grind Profiles
  • Multi-Directional and Vector Grinding


  • Automatic Robotic Loading
  • Rotary Contour Grinding Capability
  • Automatic Wheel Balancing
  • Quick-Change Tooling
  • Post-Process Gaging
Remanufactured Bryant Grinder LF1