Bryant Remanufactured Ultraline 1 Grinder UL1

The Bryant Ultraline UL1 is a high precision, high production internal grinder. Its design has been optimized for high speed production of fuel injector components, miniature bearings and similar small workparts. Typical bore size range is 1.0mm (0.04") to 32mm (1.25").

Every aspect of the UL1 has been carefully crafted to get the greatest gains from advanced abrasives such as CBN. It is the ideal replacement for Bryant's Centalign® Model B internal grinders, using about the same floor space while providing higher productivity and opportunities for greater accuracy.

UL1 machines are designed to complement our Ultraform UF1 OD form grinders. They share many machine and control components. Used as a production team, their commonality simplifies the tasks of operators and maintenance people, enhancing their cost effectiveness.

CNC North can source and remanufacture an UL1 for your specific part or rebuild your UL1 to original specifications with state-of-the-art components.


  • Simple Operation and Simplified Operator Training
  • Design Uses Standardized Tooling and Components
  • High Productivity Design Optimized for High Volume Production
  • Fine Resolution
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics
  • Faster Cycles with Fast Slide Rates
  • Parabolic Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Flexibility
  • High Reliablity
  • Engineered For Advanced Abrasives
  • Designed To Employ High Speed Spindles


  • Automatic Robotic Loading
  • Custom Workholding
  • Quick-Change Tooling
  • Peak Power Grinding Capability
  • Adaptive Dress