Bryant Remanufactured Ultraform 2 Grinder UF2

High efficiency production grinding is the one purpose of the Bryant Ultraform UF2 family of machines. Focusing on this goal lets them deliver exceptional speed and accuracy for grinding external diameters, faces and forms with the flexibility of PC-based computer control.

These machines are ideal for grinding bearing components, automotive parts such as front wheel drive and transmission components and a multitude of other workpieces. Multiple surfaces can be ground simultaneously to produce the highest precision and productivity at the lowest possible cost per part.

To provide peak performance tune to your application needs, the UF2 family of machines is available with a variety of wheel dressing arrangements. These support formed diamond roll, diamond disk, single point diamond and radius dresser wheel truing. Bryant's two "following" configurations move the dresser with the wheel spindle virtually eliminating rapid traverse moves from the dressing cycle and reducing floor-to-floor cycle times. Our alternate bridge-mounted cross slide arrangement provides a flexible approach that allows any type of dresser, including radius dressers for demanding work such as ball bearing races.

Shoe centerless or chucker tooling, including most existing Bryant and competitor's components, can be used on the UF2 with little or no modification. Automatic part loading is available for most shoe or chucking jobs. A rotary cotouring C-axis is optional, as are a variety of spindle bearing technologies. Teamed with Bryant's unmatched expertise in production grinding applications, the Ultraform UF2 offers today's best solution for your new process or replacement machine needs.

CNC North can source and remanufacture a UF2 for your specific part or rebuild your UF2 to original specifications with state-of-the-art components.


  • High Volume Productivity
  • Hydrostatic Slides
  • Thermal Stability
  • Super Fine Resolution
  • Quick Changeover Tooling
  • Gaging Alternatives
  • Automatic Part Loaders
  • Efficient Wheel Dressing Arrangements
Remanufactured Bryant Grinder UF2