Bryant Remanufactured Lectraform 3 Grinder LF3

The Bryant Lectraform LF3 is designed to speed up the production of large, high precision components such as bearing races. These can include ball, cylindrical roller, tapered and spherical designs.

Building on years of proven expertise in production grinding , the LF3 incorporates the latest design and manufacturing concepts to deliver the finest, most effective process capabilities available anywhere around the world.

Designed primarily for plunge grinding, its workhead can be angled for grinding tapers, flange faces and the like. A one-piece, heavily ribbed casting weighing more than 12,225 kg (27,000 pounds) is the base of the LF3. Its strength and torsional rigidity provide a platform with unmatched stability.

To meet the wide range of grinding requirements for large workparts an ever-expanding variety of optional LF3 equipment is available. This currently includes automatic wheel balancer, in-process gaging, powered workhead slides for setup positioning and more. Ask your Bryant representative about the machine and control alternatives now available to best meet your application needs.

CNC North can source and remanufacture an LF3 for your specific part or rebuild your LF3 to original specifications with state-of-the-art components.


  • Versatility for Efficient Short Run Productions
  • Precision for Demanding Work
  • Robustness for Large Parts and Heavy Stock Removal
  • Round Bar Hydrostatic Ways in All Feed Axes
  • Versatile Super Precision Two Axis Contouring Dresser
  • Super Fine Feed Resolution of 0.00025 mm (0.000010")
  • Hydrodynamic Wheelspindle
  • Fine Resolution
  • Full Enclosure Wheelguard
  • Machine Enclosure Designed for 80 m/s (16,000sfpm) Grinding
  • 762 mm (30") Grinding Wheel Capacity
  • Chuck and Shoe Type Workholding Packages
  • Diamond Sizing


  • Powered Workslide for Setup Positioning Workholding
  • Programmable Workhead Swivel
  • In-Process Gaging
  • Automatic Wheel Balancing
  • Programmable Wheel Skiving Dresser Arrangement
  • In-Process Gaging
Remanufactured Bryant Grinder LF3