Bryant Grinder Hydrostatic Slides

We support the hydrostatic slides systems for the following Bryant Model machines LL2, LL3, LL4, UL2, LF1, LF2, LF3, UF1 & UF2. Bryant utilized a replicated process for repair of the UL2 machines and we have designed and manufactured the special fixtures required to support.

Slide rebuild consists of:

  • Remove the restrictors and pressure check and if required replace with our own designed replacement units
  • On replicated slides we remove the moglice
  • Clean slide, repaint and re-drill injection ports
  • On replicated slides we reinject (moglice) utilizing fixtures designed for the application
  • Provide detailed report showing lift results
  • Optional items we can provide include
    • Bellows replacement (most models we keep replacement bellows in stock)
    • Ball screw replacement (most models we keep replacement ball screws in stock)
    • Support bearing replacement

We can provide replacement restrictors in 1-2 days from receipt of order for most Bryant models.


We have trained technicians who can assist in the trouble shooting and repair of your hydrostatic slide systems. We have detailed instructions for both slide removal and slide installation. With OEM specified torque settings and installation procedures.

Slide Replacement

Please contact us for a possible slide replacement we attempt to stock slides systems to support the Bryant LL3 and LF2 machines.

We have designed a replacement 14” slide that is a direct replacement for the LL3 X -axis or the LF2 Z-axis. We have on numerous remanufacturing projects converted a single axis LF2 machine to two axis machine.

Non-hydrostatic Slide Support

We have the capability to rebuild ball cage slide systems on some of the earlier Bryant machines. On the LL1 machines we have designed a replacement system utilizing off the shelf precision Roller bearings.