Bryant Remanufactured Ultraline 2 Grinder UL2

High speed production grinding of bores and faces in bearings, universal joint cups, valve lifters, gears and similar components is the specific focus of the Bryant Ultraline UL2 grinder.

Zeroing in on this single purpose has enabled Bryant to design a machine without compromise.

As a result the UL2 is a finely tuned, high speed grinding system that delivers outstanding statistical results.

CNC North can source and remanufacture an UL2 for your specific part or rebuild your UL2 to original specifications with state-of-the-art components.


  • Designed Specifically for High Volume Production
  • Fast, Easy Operation and Minimal Operator Training
  • PC-Based Control
  • Isolated Cast Iron Bed
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Fast Cycles
  • Smooth Acceleration and Deceleration
  • CBN Compatablily
  • Power Monitor
  • Accepts Various Tooling
  • Hydrostatic Slides
  • Rapid Changeover Capability
  • Programmable Grinding


  • Force Controlled Grinding
  • In-Process and Post-Process Gaging