Spindle Support for All Bryant Grinders

We Provide OEM Remanufacture Capability for All Bryant Wheel, Work and Dresser Spindles.

Contact us with any other Bryant spindles you may wish to have rebuilt.

Popular Wheel Spindles Include:

  • Both cartridge (150mm) and foot mount 8-40K
  • Both Cartridge (150mm) and foot mount 30-70K
  • 2 ¼” Center height spindles
    • L1-1054 30-50K
    • L1-1064 42-60K
    • L1-1084 60-80K
    • L1-1104 60-100K
  • 4” Center height spindles
    • L3-1014-B 5.5-10.8K
    • L3-1014 10.8-21.8K
    • L3-1024 10.8-21.8K
    • L3-1034 21.6-30K
    • L3-1044 30-42K
    • L3-1054 30-50K
    • L3-1064 42-60K
    • L3-1084 60-80K
    • L3-1104 60-100K
  • 5” Center height spindles
    • LH-2014 5.4-18K
    • LH-2004 3-9K
  • Miscellaneous
    • 7” Center height spindles

Popular Work Spindles Include:

We have the capability of rebuilding to OEM condition all Bryant work spindles supporting Bryant LL1, LL2, LL3, LL4, UL1, UL2, LF1, LF2, LF3, UF1, UF2 both shoe and chucker style spindles.

Popular Dresser Spindles Include:

  • HD109 30K
  • HD108 21.5K
  • LL2, LL3 precision Radius dresser spindles
  • Various roll dressers