Bryant Remanufactured Lectraform 2 Grinder LF2

Bryant Lectraform machines grind multiple external diameters, faces and forms with the precision of computer control. Their speed and versatility are ideal for grinding bearing components, automotive parts such as front wheel drive and transmission components, and a multitude of other workpieces. They can grind multiple surfaces simultaneously to produce a highest precision and productivity at the lowest possible cost per part.

Standard Lectraform LF2 machines handle workparts from 0.5" to 6" (13mm to 152mm) OD. An extended range version grinds up to 20" (508mm) OD. Either can be a single or dual axis configuration. Single axis models can grind and dress on opposite sides of the wheel, or grind and dress on the same side of the wheel at equal distances above and below its centerline. Two axis models can mount the work spindle and dresser on the workslide and use the CNC for contour grinding and dressing. The two slides are independent and deliver ultimate precision and stiffness because no compound slides are used.

CNC North can source and remanufacture an LF2 for your specific part or rebuild your existing LF2 to original specifications with state-of-the-art components.


  • Simple Operation and Simplified Operator Training
  • Design Uses Standardized Tooling and Components
  • Vector Grinding
  • Self Diagnostics
  • No Hydraulics
  • Fast Cycles
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quick Set-up and Changeover
  • Small Lot Runs or High Production


  • Automatic Robotic Loading
  • Rotary Contour Grinding Capability
  • CNC Wheel-Speed Control
  • CNC Orthogonal Dress Capability
  • Peak Motor-Load Infeed Capability
  • Crash Protection Stock Sensor
  • Angular X-Axis for Grinding Tapers
  • In-Process Gaging
  • CNC Programmable Contour Dress and Grind Profiles
  • 'Push-Button' Size Correction
Remanufactured Bryant Grinder LF2